Relaxation Portal: Our Favourite Relaxation App

Relaxation Portal: Our Favourite Relaxation App


Relaxation Portal iPhone App Review

I have to say, when the iPhoneAppCafe editor sent me this little gem I was giggling like a little schoolgirl who spotted her first crush. I am a huge fan of relaxation and white noise apps, but many of them left me wanting more.

The first thing I noticed was the graphics. Most relaxation apps tend to look like a radio control allowing you to change frequencies and sounds. Others have a screen that looks more like a Windows 98 screensaver for those who like to visually relax. With Relaxation Therapy you are instantly greeted by the world.

Having the world in the palm of your hands is no cliché with this app. You really have the world in your hand. You can spin the globe where cute graphics show you your locations. Hover over and the graphic becomes enlarged letting you know where you are.
For my first pick, I picked Ha Long Bay. Rain, ocean, and birds. You can completely customize the sounds. Add something, remove something. You can also be amazed by the beautiful photography because this app really allows you to explore. The app can be placed in night mode for a dark screen with no graphics.

Next stop, Martha’s Vineyard. The waves are crashing while I read a little history.

Loaded up the jet again, picked a spot on the world and headed down to Namibia, which so far is my favorite because I love being able to listen to the elephants and the lions. I don’t think any relaxation app has elephants! Honestly, I get just ocean, or just waves, or just rain, or just white noise.

With headphones you can experience a 3D effect.

The only flaw so far, you can only show 10 locations on the world at a time leaving 5 of them in limbo waiting to be discovered.

If you are leery, I certainly recommend the free version. Having tested it all, I can also recommend the expansion packets. If you are like me, you can only listen to so many things over and over. I have tested many relaxation/white noise apps and this one is by far my favorite.


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