Top 5 iPhone Apps To Pick Up Girls

Top 5 iPhone Apps To Pick Up Girls


Top 5 iPhone Apps To Pick Up Girls
If you want to go out and pick up a hot girl, taking a wingman out can be a real danger; they can either embarrass you by being too geeky, or be over-confident and actually get the girls themselves! By taking your iPhone out with you, you don’t run the risk of losing any girls to these hurdles; check out our top 5 iPhone apps for picking up girls and go and get one tonight!

1. Tiger Me Club TigerMe Club - Tiger Club

The app grants you full membership of the Tiger Me Club and gives you a few introductory pages of interesting information about the right way to visualize and achieve your goals. Then it moves on to the good stuff: how to meet girls. Some of the advice is fairly obvious, such as always leave the conversation first and get their number before the end of the chat, however it is useful to be reminded of the basics and it shows you a few new tricks too.

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2. My Virtual Girlfriend My Virtual Girlfriend - WET Productions Inc.

I have been with my girlfriend for five years and like any serious relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs. My relationship with my iPhone has been similarly mercurial, with dizzying heights and crashing (no pun intended) lows, although we have only been together for about three years, so the shine may not have worn off so much. When I received a review request for the app My Virtual Girlfriend, it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss; could I combine my two loves and create one fantastic, pocket-sized girlfriend that would only cost me £35 per/month?! (I’m not intimating in any way that I pay my real girlfriend, or that Kate over charges me, however, when you take in cinema trips, restaurant bills and Christmas presents, you have to admit that it is an attractive deal.)

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3. Relationship Tester Relationship Tester - Siro Media LLC

Relationship Tester is an app that allows you to see an initial image and a related question and should you wish to answer this question (you can pass if you wish), you then have the choice of picking the right answer from a possible three options. Say for example you are shown an image of a typical Facebook profile shot, you will also be shown a question such as “who am I engaged to?”, “who’s my ex?” or “who am I dating?” and if you decide to accept the challenge you will be presented with three more images where you must try to work out which one is the right answer. Some of these tests are quite simple e.g. if one’s on a quad bike the other is on a quad bike. However there are quite a few curve balls for you to try and figure out. For example, not everyone is straight!

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4. Amazing Free Pickup Lines Amazing Free Pickup Lines - iPickupLines (Funny Joke Dating Chat Game for Singles) - Internet Inferno

For all you wannabe ladies’ men out there who aren’t actually at all good with the ladies, this App is the one for you. This FREE app gives you a huge range of chat up lines from the cringe inducing, “Are you lost? Because heaven’s a long way from here” to the desperate “Can you please make my day?”. Nevertheless this app is hilarious. So before you approach that girl who you are going to grace with your imposing masculine presence, take a sly glance at your iPhone and check out a couple of iPickupLines to secure an easy opening line. Then casually stroll up next to her, lean on the bar and say “So, apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” finished with a swift wink. Back of the net.

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5. Beauty Check Beauty Check -

For anyone who needs their confidence taking down a peg or two, get this app! Beauty Check rates your appearance on a scale of 1 to 10 by lining up markers on a photograph to determine where your eyes, ears, chin etc are in relation to each other; you can take a photo of yourself or choose from your library of images or Facebook shots, (great if you have a dodgy picture of your partner’s ex!), and start your rating!

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(N.B. This last one’s not actually so great for the confidence…!)

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