Puzleman: Jigsaw Puzzles in Your Pocket

Puzleman: Jigsaw Puzzles in Your Pocket

Puzleman iphone App Review
Classic coffee table fun

Do you like jigsaw puzzles? Then you could very well get hours of fun from Puzleman, the unusually spelt puzzle game from Ferran Tebe.

The interface is suitably simple: tap and hold to drag pieces around the screen, double tap to rotate clockwise, and the game automatically connects pieces whenever you have them suitably lined up. The touch system is much easier to use during the easier levels when the puzzle pieces are bigger. When you hit medium and hard difficulty it can get slightly frustrating to pick out a single piece from the pile, though you get used to the accuracy pretty quickly and the controls have been quite accurately gauged, with a useful zoom feature.

The life span of this game is decent; there are 27 puzzles in the latest update, each can last a couple of minutes to over an hour for the hardest puzzles, though you do have to complete each puzzle before you can advance to the next. Once completed there is little incentive to go back, but, like real jigsaws, they are surprisingly satisfying to complete. If you like puzzles, this is a fun relaxing way to pass the time on a commute or during a rainy afternoon.


  1. In the difficult and medium level you have to use the zoom!
    The complete version is really good! Nice pictures too!


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