10 Best iPhone Travel Apps

10 Best iPhone Travel Apps


10 Best iPhone Apps for Travel
Travel season is vastly approaching, from Easter breaks, bank holiday trips and long summer holidays. Wherever you are planning on going, your first essential item to take with you is of course your iPhone! These 10 best iPhone apps for travel will help you prepare and provide the best help and assistance for you wherever and whenever you travel, so don’t leave home without them!

1. Trip Advisor Hotels Flights Restaurants – Updated: 16 February 2011, Developer: TripAdvisor, Price: Free TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants - TripAdvisor LLC

tripadvisor iphone app review
Know what to expect.... No surprises!

Once you have decided you need a holiday, your next step is this Trip Advisor app. This fantastic app allows you to search for flights and hotels in your chosen destination. You can also search for sightseeing and restaurants to further prepare for a great trip away. You will see detailed photos, reviews and maps so you will feel well prepared!

2. Around Me – Updated: 4 January 2011, Developer: Marco Pifferi, Price: Free AroundMe - Tweakersoft

around me iphone app review
You'll never feel lost again!

If you hate the feeling of being lost and not knowing your surroundings, then this is the app for you! It uses your current location to find all the essential places around you including banks, hospitals, gas stations, restaurants and many, many more. It lists them with the address and then provides a map of how to get there.

3. Skyscanner All Flights Everywhere – Updated: 17 February 2011, Developer: Skyscanner Limited, Price: Free Skyscanner All flights, everywhere! - Skyscanner

skyscanner iphone app review
Any Flight, Any Day, Anywhere!

A quick and convenient way to find and book flights from any location to any destination. It provides all the necessary flight information, airlines and prices and then allows you a range of ways to book your selection. It also gives you alternative booking agents, like Expedia, and gives you the details of booking through these other agents. You’ll be on your way with Skyscanner!

4. Booking.com – Updated: 25 February 2011, Developer: Booking.com B.V, Price: Free Booking.com - Hotel reservations for 105,000+ hotels - Booking.com

booking iphone app review
The right Hotel for you!

This is a popular website for finding hotels anywhere in the world and you now have this luxury in an app. You simply select the location, check-in dates and number of persons and you will be presented with a vast selection of hotels to choose from and book. Includes maps and photos of all hotels. Simple instructions with fast results!

5. London tube deluxe – Update: 23 July 2010, Developer: Malcolm Barclay, Price: £0.59 London Tube Deluxe - Malcolm Barclay

london tube deluxe iphone app review
Don't be delayed!

If you regularly travel on the London Underground then this app will become your best friend! It informs you of the status of each train line, including current and planned closures. It provides a map of the underground, directions to plan a journey and locates your selected stations.

6. Traffic UK – Updated: 5 July 2009, Developer: Christopher Oklota, Price: £1.19 Traffic UK - CLO Software

traffic uk iphone app review
Prepare for your journey!

Planning a road trip or regularly travel in the UK, then this app is fantastic for you! It uses your current location to find the traffic around you and within your set millage. It provides maps and lists so you can fully prepare for your journey, whether long or short.

7. UK Train Times – Updated: 26 February 2011, Developer: Agent Ltd, Price: £4.99 UK Train Times - Agant Ltd.

uk train times iphone app review
Stop that Train!

If you are travelling by train or use the rail regularly, then this is your ideal travel app. It provides live departures and arrivals from all over the UK. It updates any delays, cancellations and schedule times so you’ll never miss that train again!

8. Travel Money Monkey – Released 22 September 2010, Developer: H Holgate, Price: £0.59 Travel Money Monkey - PricklyFish

travel money monkey iphone app review
It could save you money!

This app converts all currencies and gives you the best and latest foreign exchange rates. It allows you to order your money, select your collection method and could even end up saving you money. All this from one app must be worth a look!

9. Healix Travel Vaccinations – Updated 13 July 2010, Developer: Healix IT, Price: Free Healix Travel Vaccinations - Healix IT

Healix Travel Vaccinations iphone app review
Your Health is your Wealth!

A great app for checking which vaccinations you need when travelling to any country around the world. It provides you with travel risks and advice and is very quick and easy to use. It gets straight to the point. Your health is your wealth after all!

10. Tripit – Updated: 17 February 2011, Developer: Tripit Inc, Price: Free TripIt - Travel Organizer - TripIt

trip it iphone app review
Be organised, Not stressed!

Tripit is for all those organised people out there. Travelling can be stressful but with Tripit, it allows you to have all your travel details in one place. From flights, taxi pick-ups to key events, everything will be stored, checked and covered. You’ll never forget or miss anything!

If you like more suggestion for gor travel apps then please check Tripbase.com’s Top 10 Travel Apps

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  1. I use TaxiSelect app (http://www.taxiselect.com) and I would recommend it to anyone.
    It works everywhere in the world, so far they don’t have taxi partners in every city but you can report it and they will add your area soon.
    The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to call, taxi company will contact you!
    That’s even better than booking a taxi online – when I get a call I can be sure they have accepted the order.

  2. Thanks for these tips. Will be looking at some of the apps mentioned in here the next time I’m heading for a trip abroad. Anyway, I have my own share of favored travel apps. The most recent I’ve downloaded is “25 things to do in Amsterdam.” Well, it’s not that extensive compared to the ones mentioned in here, since it is intended for a specific destination which is Amsterdam, but what I liked the most about it is that it’s a good travel companion. Helped me a lot in finding my way around Amsterdam because of the map that works offline. It also lists 25 of the best places of interest to visit in the city, so I didn’t had a hard time planning my itinerary since the said application has already compiled it for me. The app kept me sane the whole time I was in Amsterdam. Others should give it a try, especially if they are going to Amsterdam. Check the app here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id409760132?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 . Happy travels everyone!

  3. There is an other useful iPhone app to help you to get around when you go to China. It is called Taxi-Book which gives you the English-Chinese translation of the address you want to go. You just need to show him the address displayed on the screen or use the inbuilt text-to-speech function to tell the Taxi driver where to go and he knows your destination without hassle.
    Recommended. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/china-taxi-book/id445493942?mt=8#”


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