How To Videos From Everything You Need to Know About Everything

How To Videos From Everything You Need to Know About Everything

How To Videos From
Great magic tricks and perfect kisses are just a finger's touch away.

How many times has this happened to you: you’re walking down the street, and an ever-shady college street musician accosts you and asks how to buy pet insurance, how to make an origami frog, or how to identify a Northern Oriole on a nature hike. Of course! These are everyday occurrences for all of us. Well, now you can be prepared for just about all of life’s most perplexing challenges. How to fix your leaky faucet. How to know if you’re boring (hint: it may or may not involve making videos on how to know if you’re boring). How to make balloon animals. How to clean up after a party so your parents won’t know.

All these and so much more are amidst the myriad of useful (or at least intriguing) user-submitted How-to hints on the Howcast app. They all share a general format of “what you’ll need”, “follow these steps”, and “interesting trivia fact”, so no matter what, you’re bound to learn at least one new thing from any video. But wait! The narrator person went too fast on this cooking video, and I don’t want to have to rewatch the whole thing for every step! Never fear. Once a video concludes, the written transcript is immediately available for viewing, as well as email/Facebook sharing, an “add to favorites” option, and a list of related videos.

But maybe you’re just super bored and want to learn a few new things without the burden of choice. No problemo! Just shake your iPhone or iTouch and the Howcast app will bring up a random video for your learning pleasure. With past views, recommended videos, favorites, most recent, and featured videos, the selection and browsing options are great. And while you may not always find exactly what you’re looking for, the constant stream of new user submissions on every obscure topic imaginable is sure to satisfy your how-to needs soon enough. And, at the low, low cost of $0, this wealth of information is a solid bargain.

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