Pucca’s Noodle Rush for iPhone: A Restaurant in Your Pocket

Pucca’s Noodle Rush for iPhone: A Restaurant in Your Pocket

Pucca Noodle Rush iPhone App Review
It’s all about the Noodle.

Don’t you just hate it when two greedy Texans open a fast food chain store right across the street from your uncle’s family run Noodle Restaurant? I know I do. It seems I’m not alone either, as 10 year old Pucca; the face of South Korean Company Vooz Co. (Owned by Disney) has just encountered the very same issue.

Pucca’s Noodle Rush sees you take control of none other than Pucca herself and it’s your job to make sure that her uncle’s restaurant in Sooga Village doesn’t go out of business by out earning those nasty Texan across the street. The tasks vary from the incredible challenge of seating, taking orders, serving, busing, running the cash register and yes even chasing away ninjas all within an allotted time period. If you fail to complete the tasks in front you before the timer runs out…the Texans earn more than your Uncle for the day & you’re one step closer to ruining the family business!

The game runs a ‘click and drag’ setup and has done a great job of transitioning from the DSi where it began life. The touch screen works well enough, however if you have chubby little fingers, you may have to lay off the beef & black bean as you’re going struggle with some of the smaller buttons. It has three difficulty settings & ten different language options that will help with universal appeal. One of the definite highlights of the game is a kooky soundtrack that changes with any given situation, from the sounds of the tasks you’re carrying out, to the hyper dining room music & obviously the ever rad ‘attacking ninja theme’.

It may not be the tastiest noodle dish the iPhone menu has to offer, but for anyone out there with a hunger for a restaurant-based time management game…this may just be what you’ve been searching for! But as is the case with all things, it’s better for you in moderation.


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