Clubbillboard: Your Guide To Clubbing In The UK

Clubbillboard: Your Guide To Clubbing In The UK


clubbillboard iphone app review
If you are sick and tired of going to the same clubs in the same city on the same night every week, this App promises to add a bit of spice into the mix. Clubbillboard will find you every single top club in the UK; whether you’re in London, Manchester, Brighton or for some reason Wales, this App will find you a top event to attend. Clubbillboard works like most other location based apps, in that it utilizes Google Maps technology to determine your position, and then inform you of the nearest clubs that are on its books. With the “Nearby” tool, it will find your current location and use maps to show you exactly where the club you have chosen to head to is located. Also, if you are after a particular artist and want to know when they are playing the “Advanced Search” tool is incredibly useful; it allows you to select the date of the venue you wish to attend, the genre of music you would like to see, the keywords i.e. famous tracks by the DJ, as well as a huge list of DJs and Artists such as “2manyDJS” and “Andy C”.

Once you have found and selected the club or event you are going to grace with your presence, Clubbillboard allows you to share the event on Facebook or Twitter to let your friends know. It will show you the start and end date of the event, the ticket price, who is playing, what style of music is on and the exact location of the club. The App will also show you the promoter of the event/club and loads of information about the night and the artists performing. My favourite feature is the ‘Competition’ section, where you can enter draws to win tickets to clubs around the country. Need any more information?!

So when you and your friends are sat round ready to go to your regular local weekly club, whip out Clubbillboard and preach to them the amazing clubbing knowledge that has been taught to you, and add a bit of variation to your weekend!


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