Review of the ebay Application on the iPhone

Review of the ebay Application on the iPhone


ebay iphone app review
If you are a member of ebay, then this application will become your best friend! You can now control all aspects of your ebay, from listing, selling, buying and bidding on items, to communicating with fellow ebay users, direct from your iPhone.
Once you have logged into your ebay account, the main home page appears.

The home page consists of an overview of your whole ebay account. This includes your messages, searches, reminders and all items you are watching, buying and selling. You therefore, gain all the necessary information straight away for your ease and convenience.

This home page also consists of 5 tabs at the bottom, which are clearly labelled to direct you exactly where you want to go. In addition to the home tab, there are also tabs labelled search, my eBay, sell and settings. These are detailed below:

  • Search – The search page simply allows you to search for the items you require.
  • My eBay – This page allows you to view the items you are watching, buying and selling.
  • Sell – This page allows you to list your items to sell, as well as detailing your recent ebay selling activity.
  • Settings – This feature allows you to set up your app just the way you want it.

You will be in complete control of your whole account wherever you go. You will be able to leave feedback, communicate with buyers and sellers and also detail your shipping status, so quickly and easily, without the delay of needing to log onto your PC or laptop. This app is a must have for active ebay members. You will have access to your ebay all day, everyday, no matter where you are. Perfect!


  1. I would love if the eBay app would notify you of messages… I’m a seller on eBay and I find it annoying that I have to log into eBay multiple times a day to see if I have any messages. It is very cool that offers come up as notifications though… Perhaps this is because of the misnomer that these are more time-sensitive… They are time-sensitive, yes, but I refute the contention that they are MORE important to respond to than messages because often times, “Item not received as described” or “Question about item” messages are more important to individual AND overall sales for a seller.. which is why I feel that messages from members should come up as notifications in the eBay app. Oh, wait, that’s where I started…


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