Press Reader: The World’s News On Your iPhone

Press Reader: The World’s News On Your iPhone


Press Reader iPhone App Review
Introduction: This is a hand app for all of your newspaper needs. Whether you want something local, national or even an international level, this gem of an app has it.

The first thing I do when checking out new reader apps is to see what is available in Ireland. Yes, odd for an American to some people, but I have many friends and family that reside in the grand country. The Irish Times is one of my favorite newspapers to read. Until now, my only option was to read what was available online.

The only problem with the app is that even though the app itself is free, the content is not. I am not disappointed by that, newspapers are not free so I don’t expect an app to give me something for free that others have to pay for.

Press Reader is the app for it is there you find the rate for subscription which you then authorize on your iPhone after you have gone through your 7 free credits.

Pay as you go is 99 cents per download. Personal monthly accounts are $29.95 per month.


  • The app is free.
  • With the free app you have 7 free credits which will allow you to read 7 different publications.
  • If you are a journalist or an avid reader of newspapers this would be ideal for you.
  • Newspaper radio option available.
  • Eliminates the need for different apps for each single newspaper.
  • These are the whole newspaper, not just bits and pieces.


  • The only flaw I can see is not within the app itself, but just the fact that for an iPhone user, even with pinching the screen, its still small compared to reading it on your computer or the actual newspaper. Some users may not find that to be very user friendly.

Summary: The world’s newspaper right in the palm of your hand.



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