Eventseekr: Organize Your Life with An iPhone App

Eventseekr: Organize Your Life with An iPhone App


eventseekr iPhone App ReviewIntroduction: Looking for something to do? We live in a “entertain me” world. Having tried many other event type apps, mostly concert driven, there was a bit of hesitation to try yet another one. The dilemma? I live in a small town with the larger cities spanning 30 minutes to an hour in any direction. Often these fun little apps show me nothing of interest.
Imagine the surprise when the moment this app was loaded, there listed on the cute ticket looking graphic was a show, in two days, right off the highway that I had not heard about. The event center, yes, but he show? Nope. Not one peep.
We felt like Willy Wonka with the golden ticket! Right under that little ticket graphic was a list full of categories; concerts, clubbing & nightlife, festivals & fairs, sporting events, theater and a place to save your event. Even more surprising was the amount listed in each category of things that were actually going on around me.

Thank you eventseekr for making a product that even us small town iPhone users can benefit from.

Concerts, Clubs, Nightlife, Festival, Fairs, Sports, and Theater listed in one handy app. You are able to look at “today”, “tomorrow”, “this week”, or see all. There is a search. The options allow you to log in through Facebook. Change your city and check for events in a nearby area. Categories even list sub-categories (genres). It’s FREE!

For us, there are none.

Summary: Small town dwellers unite. Grap this handy app and feel good knowing there is an even going on around you.



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