Pocket Notes: Stay Organised!

Pocket Notes: Stay Organised!


Pocket Notes iPhone App Review
Pocket Notes is a fantastic new app that allows users to keep their text notes, pictures and photographs organised into a range of folders. A must have app for any organised user who loves lists, writing reminders, sharing information and photographs instantly and effectively.

Pros: Pocket Notes helps users to organise their text notes into folders. The app provides 37 different icons to assign to each folder, allowing users with a quick and easy visual to identify the correct folder instantly. For instance, an image of a basket could represent a shopping list folder. This is an ideal feature for time saving when users have created multiple folders. Folders can also be labelled.
Photographs can be added directly to any list, which can then be shared via email. iPhone, iPad 2 and iPod Touch (4th generation devices) also have the option to access the camera function directly from the app to instantly take a picture, add a note and share it. The app allows its user to add a personal touch and customise their app by choosing colour themes, paper backgrounds and fonts to suit individual preferences. Personal folders can also be created as the app features a password protection and hint option for users to set up as they wish.

Cons: An advised update to Pocket Notes could include providing the users with the option to share notes and pictures through other Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also the app could alert users of reminders and deadlines by using sound effects. For example, if a student created a note to hand in an assignment by the end of the week, the app could alert the user of this before the deadline.

Overall, Pocket Notes is a very useful app to help users keep themselves organised. Get it now at a reduced price!



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