Photo Tangler HD for iPad: Blend your photographs into amazing collages!

Photo Tangler HD for iPad: Blend your photographs into amazing collages!


Photo Tangler HD iPad App Review

Are you constantly flicking through all your photographs because you have so many favourites to choose from? Well, Photo Tangler HD is the perfect solution! This creative app allows users to easily select a range of photographs and turn them into artistic collages, which can then be saved in your photo library. Users can then label each collage and collate their favourite photographs together into beautifully presented collages. Problem Solved!

Pros: Photo Tangler HD is a fun, creative app that allows users to select a range of photographs from their camera or photo library and blend them together to create artistic collages. There are a vast amount of background colours and tones available for users to easily personalise their collages, which adds amazing effects. The app also allows text to be added to collages, which is a useful feature. Photo Tangler HD is easy and quick to use and looks amazing on the large iPad screen. Users can experiment with a range of photographs by resizing them, blending them, removing them, freezing them and changing the direction and orientation of them. Release your creative side and turn your photographs into unique collages!

Cons: It would be a great update if the app allowed users to set their finished collage as their new wallpaper. Users can save their collage into their photo library and then set it as wallpaper from there but directly from the app would save users time. Also, it would be useful if collages could have the option to be sent via email or shared on Social Networking Sites. As the collages can be personalised with colours and text, users may also want to turn their creative masterpieces into invitations and cards so templates to support these options could also be included.



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