Rhythm Repeat: A Slightly Musical Disappointment

Rhythm Repeat: A Slightly Musical Disappointment


Rhythm Repeat iPhone App Review

We all know we’ve been here many times before, but yet we still search for a good rhythm repeat game. After the success of iPhone games such as the ‘tap tap’ series; is there really any other musical game that matches up to the amazement of where it all started (parappa the rapper ) or the game that really put music on the map – Guitar Hero?

Considering this app is called ‘Rhythm Repeat’; you’d expect to repeat the rhythm right? Well, herein lies my first problem with this game…you don’t have to actually repeat the rhythm; just simply tapping the right buttons in the right order in any kind of style you like will do. As long as you tap all the buttons before the timer runs out you’re all good; this kind of takes away most of the excitement of plaything the actual game.

Pros: Nice graphics, the instrument sounds are realistic and incredibly easy to play.

Cons: No replay value and nothing special to make it stand out from any other of the many, many rhythm games on the iOS App Store.

To make a really great rhythm game; developers should take a look at the masters like Guitar Hero, Tap Tap and all the great classic arcade dance games. Players need to see the on-coming notes/moves and there must be great music to accompany the gameplay. Unfortunately these are the two important elements that Rhythm Repeat is missing.

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Laura Barnes
By night Laura is a musician and plays drums for Alt/Indie band BalloonMan, by day she is a staff writer for PCR magazine. Laura is a fully fledged App addict and also has a keen interest in Cinema, Art, Gaming and Japan.


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