Favorite Recipes: Do You Know How To Cook Bacon?

Favorite Recipes: Do You Know How To Cook Bacon?


Favourite Recipes iPad App Review

I certainly wouldn’t class myself as a good cook, in fact my signature dish consists of noodles, tuna, cheese and soy sauce (hence why no one ever comes to my dinner parties), but there is one thing I can do fairly efficiently, and that’s fry a few pieces of bacon.

The developers of Favourite Recipes boast an app with “sought-after recipes” which “enables users to explore international cuisines”, claiming that “These dishes are guaranteed to bring untold happiness into your home.” That may be being a bit too bold methinks.

The app not only includes the ingredients and recipes, but also a selection of videos, and what’s first on the list…a demonstration of how to fry bacon. In my personal opinion, if you’re looking to try your hand at cooking interesting, international cuisine than you should probably of already mastered the art of the fry up.

Other videos do go into detail about cooking actual meals but with the voice over being done by a women who sounds like an air hostess telling you where the exits are and a poor choice of script writing such as “Check your done-ness by using a meat thermometer” and “sprinkle with your pan drippings”; the videos really don’t get my juices flowing.

The layout of this app is very clean and easy to use, with an Overview, Ingredients and Directions page for each dish. There are also Shopping and Menu lists so you can keep all the details of this evenings exciting culinary adventure in one place.

Pros: There are quite a few options on here to organise yourself; I’d say this app was good for people who have no idea how to cook anything as it’s quite basic.

Cons: If you have any cooking skills most of the videos and recipes will be a bit useless to you, also the measurements are in cups i.e. half a cup of sugar and 1 and 3/4 cups of flour, I HAVE LOTS OF DIFFERENT SIZED CUPS!



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