I Spy U: Bond was far more discreet

I Spy U: Bond was far more discreet


I Spy U iPhone App Review

I can’t think of the amount of times I’ve tried to take sneaky pictures on the train or a quick snap of one of my friends in a compromising position, only to look like a total fool apprehensively tilting my phone in there direction.

So the I Spy U app is supposedly meant to fix all of this and admittedly the idea seemed appealing especially with its easy to use interface. However, there’s still one horrendous problem with the whole spying element, which the app can’t account for in that you still have to physically point the thing in someone’s direction like an idiot.

It doesn’t matter whatever way you disguise the app, because the fact remains that you still look odd when you try to covertly take a picture at them. You can’t be discreet because people can see when you’re holding the phone bizarrely or equally when you’re doing something out of the ordinary with your phone.

In fact the more you take this flaw into account, the more ridiculous the whole app seems. For instance, why is there a special maneuver to take the picture or a black screen, when your object is more than likely in front of you anyway? They’re not going to see it. Equally, if the person you are spying on is looking at the front camera (which you can also use btw), they’re still going to see a strange black screen, which will still set off suspicions right away.

In short, you’re better off keeping your £0.69 and continue looking like an idiot with your conventional camera. Sorry we can’t fix the idiot part.


  1. I think this app is funny…The way u use it is ur own thing. I think this app helps u to take photos in moments u don’t want all people recognizing…and not to take a photo of a person who is sitting in front of u…


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