Places You Should Not Store Your iPhone

Places You Should Not Store Your iPhone



One of the great things about the iPhone is how portable it is. You can carry it just about anywhere, and you can slip it in a pocket, sleeve, or bag without it taking up too much space. But just because you can put your iPhone or iPod someplace doesn’t mean that it’s a good storage location. Here are some places you’ll want to avoid. 

The Glove Compartment

When you’re in your car, the glove compartment might seem like a fantastic choice. It’s a confined area, and you store other important items like car registrations and flashlights there without a problem. But the glove compartment can be a death sentence for your iPhone or iPod. Most of the time, cars are insulated, but the glove compartment is not. What this means for your iPhone or iPod is that when it freezes or gets extremely hot, your mobile device will be trapped in those temperatures.

Rapid heating and humidity can cause condensation to develop on the inside of your iPhone or iPod screen. Temperatures that fall below freezing, on the other hand, can do even more damage. They can sometimes cause the screen to crack. If frost has built up on the inside of the device, it could also leave condensation on the inside of the screen and the device. When this happens, the best solution is to take a cracked screen iphone to a specialist.

Shoe Cubbies

Aside from the obvious security risks, one of the other issues with storing your iPhone or your iPod in a shoe cubby is the potential for crushing. While a number of gyms, rock climbing halls, dance studios, and more have such options, they are very dangerous for your iPod and iPhone’s long life. People often stack multiple pairs of shoes in the cubbies, even if someone else is already using it. Also, even if you are the only one who is using it, you still run the risk that putting your shoes in and out will knock the iPod or iPhone out onto the floor. A cracked screen iphone from a fall means you’re going to have to sign up for its repair.

When it comes to investments, iPhones and iPods aren’t cheap. But they are well worth that money if you take care of them. Part of this care requires avoiding dangerous storage locations. So while your glove compartment and shoe cubbies might be convenient, just skip them. Find a safer location so that you don’t have to get iPhone repair or a totally new device.


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