Monitor Your Loved Ones and Co-workers With mSpy

Monitor Your Loved Ones and Co-workers With mSpy



When their child is tapping away on their smartphone, in the back of parents’ minds will be the nagging worry of who they are communicating to and where it could lead; now, most of the time it will just be a harmless conversation to a school friend, slagging off Justin Bieber or pondering on what Miley Cyrus isn’t going to wear at her next show, but what if it was something more sinister?  mSpy allows you to protect your loved ones by giving you the capability to monitor their smartphone or tablet usage.


Now, this may seem slightly paranoid but there has been a huge rise in the amount of child sex offenders contacting children via their smartphone; parents want to give their child the freedom of their own independence in the form of their own phone, but what mSpy provides is the safety net that stops the creeps getting to them.  The Home Package is easy to install and allows users to track their phone owners’ whereabouts according to the geo-locational service of Google Maps, compiles a printout of all text interacting and records phone calls made from and to the device.  You can also access web history, blocked sites and video clips all form your computer, just by logging in to the home page.

The software undergoes regular software updates in order to keep up with popular Instant Messaging apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber; it’s compatible with all major operating systems and can be installed in under five minutes.


Interestingly, the idea for mSpy actually originated because two friends were discussing a scandal that broken out in the company they worked for, regarding a dishonest accountant leaking confidential financial data to competitors.  They devised the idea and came up with the Business Package that allows employers to keep tabs on their employee’s work phones.  It is for this reason that the software is totally undetectable, so you’ll never have to worry about being found out…but any dishonest employee will!

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