Piyo Blocks 2: Adorable Colour Matching Eye Candy

Piyo Blocks 2: Adorable Colour Matching Eye Candy

Piyo Blocks 2 iPhone App Review
Mega Match 3 Fun

Big Pixel Studios have a special place in my heart, anyone who has read my review of the super-cute Land-a-Panda will know this. Piyo Blocks 2 is in keeping with the wonderful art style of the developers, but is it all style over substance?

Piyo Blocks 2 is a very familiar format, swap blocks about on a grid to match 3 or more in a row, these blocks then disappear and new ones fall onto the grid. The main thing that benefits this game is the different modes, which is something you really need to make this game stand out from all the other ‘match 3’ games.

There’s the usual ‘endless’ and ‘time attack’ modes included, but one that I’ve fallen in love with is the ‘disco’ mode, which sees the blocks randomly changing colour every now and then to throw you off and mess up whatever your next moves was. Another great addition is the ‘three second’ mode, this involves incredibly quite timing as you only have an allocated three seconds in between each move you make.

Pros: Amazing graphics which are instantly recognisable as the work of Big Pixel, a good variety of modes and a simple, entertaining time-waster.

Cons: Although this game is very well executed, the idea has been done many, many times before. An additional twist within the original game (things to collect, upgrades etc) would be the icing on the cake.

Fans of the ‘match 3’ style of games will absolutely eat this little gem up!



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