Stuck for a stamp? Try the fun new App that will personalize...

Stuck for a stamp? Try the fun new App that will personalize your ‘Postcards’!

Send real postcards from your iphone

Going on a trip? Maybe it’s a well-deserved cruise around the Atlantic, a tour of the Pyramids or perhaps a recession-friendly mini break to a caravan in Wales…well, wherever you plan on travelling you can make your friends and relatives jealous by sending them a custom made postcard using photos of your adventures as you go.

The new ‘Postcards’ App can be downloaded for free and allows users to select images from either their phone’s library or take a new snap there and then, before flipping the image over and scrawling a personal message on the reverse of the e-postcard. The image is then sent to eCards, who will dispatch your postcard to whichever of your friends’ postal addresses that you have given them, all for the very reasonable sum of £0.99p, so long as you are holidaying in this country, (£1.49 for anywhere else in the world.)

Send real postcards from your iphone

This takes the hassle out of choosing a cheesy, ‘Wish You Were Here’-style postcard from a newspaper vendor, then finding a different shop to buy stamps, before walking across to the other end of town to find a postbox, only to notice that you have misspelled the name on the message and you have to start all over again.

Postcards will only accept payments via Paypal, so make sure that you have your username and password ready. Also, if you are sending your postcard from another country, (not Wales), then avoid costly roaming charges by finding free Wi-Fi.

A very simple, incredibly useful App that will save you time and bother when you are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself…think of all of your friends’ faces turning a greener shade of envy as they open their postbox to find another picture of you kicking back in the Welsh caravan.

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