Sky Mobile TV app put to test

Sky Mobile TV app put to test


Ever wondered what it would be like to have Sky TV in the palm of your hand? Well wonder no more as Sky Mobile TV provides you with a service allowing you to watch all your favourite moments on Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Sky Sports News, Sky News, ESPN and At The Races live on your iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

What makes this service even more appealing is that for existing Sky users – it is free until the end of the year. From 1st January 2011 it automatically goes up to £5 per month, but after a taste of what the app has to offer it would appear it is well worth the monthly subscription charge. If you are however, not a Sky Sports subscriber, then the app is available at £6 per month in the UK.

Free for existing Sky users until 2011

Of course you can only benefit from this app if you have a WiFi connection, which takes away the very enticing possibility of watching the latest news and sports on the go when you’re not within a Wi-Fi area. However, what it does offer is another way of viewing those all-important Premiership games or even the latest breaking news from the Sky studios – in particular if you don’t wish to shell out on the extra cost of having it at home.

The quality of the feed is both reliable and sharp, however on very rare occasions it does cut out for no apparent reason – whether that is due to a connection problem or just general streaming issue perhaps this is something to be improved. However, for the most part it provides a very clear picture, and will have you glued to your iPhone screen for many hours.


  1. this is a great app, especially considering the free trial period & where £5 per month thereafter is not prohibitively expensive

  2. Although good during the trial period, not sure this ticks the boxes for me, as wifi depdendency and cost in addition to Sky Sports subscription makes this an expensive option.


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