New Music App Release – Dubstep

New Music App Release – Dubstep


App name – Dubstep
Version – 1.1
Release date – Tuesday 28th September 2010
Publisher – Natural Shy
Price – Free
Download from iTunes

About the Dubstep App
The 21st century has seen a meteoric rise in technology and communications, the effects of which are no
more evident than within music. As the traditional industry struggles to come to terms with piracy, social
networking and the rise of DIY, bedroom run labels; the dubstep scene has thrived, resulting in its
development and evolution as an increasingly cultural movement. Dubstep has become the sound of the
new millennium.

As the music and surrounding culture has evolved over the past decade, the term dubstep has come to
mean more than simply bass heavy, dub influenced sounds over a half step beat. It has become a term that embraces the musical revolution happening now. An opportunity to rewrite the rule books and for the
current generation of youth culture to control its own destiny through the mass of devoted blogs, forums,
facebook pages and youtube channels. Itʼs popularity, already global, is still increasing everyday.
The dubstep app simply provides a gateway to this 21st century cultural phenomenon, offering easy, one
touch access to the latest news, exclusive features, new music and the most popular sites around the
Whatʼs new in 1.1?
The original binary unfortunately suffered from an operating platform update on the iPhone shortly after its
release that caused some of the links to fail. These have been rectified now. There has also been the
inclusion of a dedicated radio section as well as a more comprehensive and user friendly scenes section.


Updated daily, the news section is the epicentre of the app bringing the user exclusive interviews and
features, as well as updated news. Push notifications are available to keep you right on the pulse so you
donʼt miss a thing.
Direct, high quality links to the main dubstep radio stations; RinseFM, SubFM, DubstepFM and CybaFM
All the latest promos via the popular UKF Dubstep youtube channel
A one stop shop for all the major dubstep destinations


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