Perestroika: Fresh from the Nineties!

Perestroika: Fresh from the Nineties!


Perestroika iPhone App Review
As a kid, did you take a course that teaches you how to use a calculator? Probalby not, unless it was one of those graphic ones you mount on a satellite.

Learning to play Perestroika (aka Toppler) is a lot like learning to use a calculator, only once you “got it”, you’re addicted to the game. It’s simple to understand graphics and nostalgic sounds brings its audience right back to the old 1991 Dos game.

The popular “retro” game from the nineties features a frog, which you must move from one plot to the next (lily pad) as quickly as possible before the water rises too high. You’ll test your finger moving capability as you play one of the best remakes, or “revivals” as Chimp Factory has named their Perestroika app.

The game’s secret and somewhat dark political side is represented in the game. Expect to play this game, observe some Russian strategy and let time fly by as you team up with your frog’s adventures.



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