Zigball: It’s Purple Ball Counting Time

Zigball: It’s Purple Ball Counting Time

Zigball iPad App Review
This Game Is Balls

The title pretty much sums up this entire game; there are loads of purple balls bouncing around on the screen and you have to count them. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

You have 30 seconds to get through as many levels as possible; you do this by counting the balls on the screen and then choosing from 4 different numbered boxes. Seems simple right? Well it is, and a bit too much so for my liking. You have the option to draw lines on the screen that act as barriers to help separate the balls to make for easier counting, unfortunately this doesn’t really help when playing in a 30 second time slot; it just wastes what little time you have to count.

Pros: It’s a free game and great if you love counting.

Cons: It lacks variety; a few different modes wouldn’t go amiss. In fact I could add a few ideas for you now; different coloured balls, different timed modes, options to select level difficulty perhaps?

The lack of variation and features make Zigball the kind of game you’ll pick up maybe twice before you get bored and move on to something else.


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