Panda Revenge HD: The New Angry Birds?

Panda Revenge HD: The New Angry Birds?


Panda Revenge HD iPad App Review
Are you tired of shooting birds and pig-like targets all day? Panda Revenge HD is a free app for iPad that just might hit the spot for you angry birders out there. In this game, the user is an angry panda shooting rock like balls at helpless animals. Similar to angry birds, you are only allowed a certain number of shots and there are various obstacles in each level.

The game features 72 levels that get progressively more difficult. You are also given the option of paying for more stones, although each level supplies you with 20 to begin with. For those of you who have not already spent endless hours playing similar games, or if you just need a change of scenery, Panda Revenge HD is the app for you. If you are like me, the thought of slingshotting one more object may make you want to slingshot your iPad along with it.

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