SpaceShooter: Fire all your guns at once and explode into space!

SpaceShooter: Fire all your guns at once and explode into space!


A Space Shooter for Free iPad App Review

If you’re born to be wild then you will definitely be completely in love with this rebellious and riotous title available for you to download and play on your iPod/iPhone. SpaceShooter is a cracking title which definitely plants a big smile on your face and reminds you just how good it is to play a good ol’ fashioned top-down scrolling shooter set in space.

In brief, this is totally awesome! The game reminds me of all the classic retro games it is based on but just with all the levels turned up a few notches. Unlike the games of old where you were only able to listen to looped synth music and crunchy explosion sounds, be prepared to hear speech that reacts to what happens on screen. So driving like an idiot and getting hit by missiles will reward you with comments with a suitably sarcastic tone.

There’s a loosely based plot for you to follow which basically centres around you blowing the heck out of everything and anything whilst gathering up any remnants which you can use to buy upgrades for your spaceship after the end of each mission.
If you can’t be bothered collecting these remnants you can simply buy it with real cash and this is a little bit of a love/hate thing for me. Sure on the one hand you get to have all your weapons but this does make the challenge posed by any opposition not even worth worrying about. However on the other hand, should you like to skip ahead the laborious task of improving your ship, you can!

Movement is pretty simple, just drift your finger around the screen to the desired position and keep your finger on the screen will ensure your weapons never fall silent. It did get a little unreliable as the movement of your craft when covered under your fingertip did hinder some visibility and results e.g. avoiding collisions or collecting items.

Overall this game is one for retro lovers and current gamers alike. There’s absolutely no way you should avoid getting this game and I would definitely put it in the must have downloads for 2011 category.

  • Very entertaining
  • Lots of levels
  • Incredibly addictive
  • Doesn’t take itself seriously
  • Having your finger on the screen at all times does get a bit tiresome
  • The easiest levels are really simple but thankfully you can increase the difficulty level


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