Color Blaster: Not Worth It At All

Color Blaster: Not Worth It At All


Color Blaster iPhone App Review

First on the list of annoying niggles the user has to overcome when starting this half-hearted game, pitted as an Angry Birds meets Cut The Rope, is the Americanised spelling of the title.

If this doesn’t put you off downloading, there’s plenty that’ll give you a reason for pressing the delete button.

The objective is simply to smash all the lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling by firing your spinning wheels, with each level containing a variety of obstacles requiring new tactics or a touch of luck to complete.

Unfortunately the concept is very poorly executed.

What continues to make Angry Birds and Cut The Rope huge success stories is the smooth functionality, the personality of the central characters, and the sense of accomplishment when progressing through the levels.

Color Blaster misses the mark on all of these targets.

Firstly the spinning wheels move so quickly it makes it very tricky to find your aim and the physics behind the bouncing off objects is often baffling.

While it is true the inclusion of characters is not essential for a game to be engaging, in the case of Color Blaster there is very little motivation for wanting to keep playing. Smashing lightbulbs with a disk. How exciting.

Finally, and this is bizarre, all the levels are unlocked from the off, meaning that after skipping through a few levels and seeing some of the later obstacles, there is very little to make you want to return.



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