Never Mind That The Buzzcocks Has Finished – Now There’s SongBand!

Never Mind That The Buzzcocks Has Finished – Now There’s SongBand!


As a music lover, I’ve always harboured a secret fantasy of being invited on as a contestant on the show ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ to being lauded for my unparalleled, encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture (it’s my fantasy, so just roll with it). So imagine my dismay, when, back in 2015 that the show was cancelled to “Create room for new entertainment platforms”. However gutted as I was to have my dreams dashed at such a young age, my love of music and pop never dwindled or stagnated and I have, to the very best of my ability, kept myself in fighting fit form just incase a revival of the show is ever announced. So imagine my delight when I stumbled across the new SongBand app by Kikiwa; a music quiz-style app with a load of different functions and a unique picture mode.

The app is made up of different, five question quizzes that range in style from; speed match, picture match, item battle, picture battle, single play and picture play. The categories of the quizzes are broken down into; ‘80s hits, ‘90s hits, hits 2014 and sweet songs as well as additional categories that you can ‘purchase’ for 30 coins-a-pop including; hits 2015, Dance and movie soundtracks.

The interface is easy to use and navigate with bright and colourful graphics. You can choose to play against opponents of your choosing, random play or simply against yourself. At the end of each quiz the app will ask you to ‘rate it’ to earn a couple of coins and ensure that only the app’s best quizzes get recycled. There are direct links to iTunes and Youtube to allow you to buy or play any songs that you really dug throughout the quiz and if you feel like sharing the love then you can also post directly to Facebook, Twitter and mail.

SongBand 2

SongBand is free to download from the App Store and is compatible on both iPhone and iPad. Like with any free app download, you should expect a fair few ads to slow down game play but we’ve come to expect that within the app industry these days: pay to play or pay and be marketed to.

If you want to test out your music knowledge then twerk on over to the App Store and download SongBand today!



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