6 Apps No Sports Fan Should Live Without

6 Apps No Sports Fan Should Live Without


With modern smartphone, tablet, and computer accessibility, being a sports fan has never been better or more convenient. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can always be plugged into the action, keeping up to date with your favorite teams or sporting events.

However, as any sports fan will know, having your fingers in numerous sporting pies is practically a full-time job. There literally aren’t enough hours in the day to watch every game. But with sites such as Bet365 mobile offering betting at your fingertips, getting the lowdown on every grain of information regarding the latest scores is essential.

Fortunately, companies understand the struggle is real, and have developed a plethora of apps for you to take advantage of. Whether you need to place a bet, check the latest scores, book a ticket, or even stream a game to your mobile device, there’s an app for pretty much everything.

If you live and breathe sports, these are 6 apps that you should not live without.



The ESPN app is one of the most comprehensive sports apps on the market. Whether it’s Premier League, Golf, Tennis, NFL, or NBA, the app provides you with up-to-the-minute scores, video highlights, and exceptional news coverage. The app also allows you listen to ESPN radio stations, along with countless other podcasts, and a play-by-play of each game.

2. Sport Live Stream

For those who hate missing their beloved team face off against a bitter rival, but whose travel and social life don’t always play nice with living room leisure, Sport Live Stream brings the action to you. Not only does it allow streaming of popular sports such as football and tennis, but also those with a smaller but dedicated following, such as volleyball and handball.

3. theScore


As snappy as app design gets, theScore provides lightning fast, real-time scores, news updates, and stats. Boasting a wide range of popular sports, the app also provides its users with the ability to set personalized alerts and their own customized feed. Whether it’s NFL injuries, or the FA Cup magic, you’ll never be out of the loop again.

4. Bleacher Report: Team Stream

While many sports apps on digital marketplaces offer news and scores, Bleacher Report: Team Stream differentiates itself by focusing on the teams you love. Filter the app’s content to just show the stuff you care about. Get instant alerts on breaking news, the latest scores, and even predictions, all through an experience that’s tailored specifically for you.

5. SeatGeek Event Tickets


When getting updates on your phone or sitting at home on the couch watching the big game just isn’t enough, SeatGeek offers one of the most hassle-free ways in which to book great deals on thousands of sporting events. Each deal is color-coded to indicate value, and displayed on an interactive seating map. Best of all, the app stores your digital e-ticket, meaning no printer is necessary.

6. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Sometimes watching, listening to, or traditionally betting on sports games feels like it misses that special something. To fully maximize your love for sport, Yahoo Fantasy Sports allows you to craft your own team, and compete each week against your friends based on real-world results. Get expert analysis, immediate updates, and even a facility to mock draft your team.


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