New action-strategy game Intruders– Robot Defense, hits the app stores

New action-strategy game Intruders– Robot Defense, hits the app stores


Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots have got nothing on the troops you’re able to command in Intruders – Robot Defense, the new action-strategy game from Mustplay Games.

When alien invaders land on Earth with plans to wipe out man and metal-kind, it’s your task to keep them at bay through quick planning, tactical intuition, and a staggering number of turrets and heavy machinery. Defend your base, disrupt the alien reinforcements, and guide your troops across 80 testing stages throughout 4 unique locales in the bid to achieve victory.

Intruders – Robot Defense provides players with many ways in which to dispatch the extra-terrestrial menace, from bombastic airstrikes, fully-loaded turret deployment, and simple but dangerous electrical barricades that make for a real buzz. 4 individual game modes each require different tactics, letting you exercise these methods whether it’s when playing Rush or Time-Attack.


Enhanced HD 3D visuals not commonly seen amongst other mobile games in the genre helps give Intruders – Robot Defense a better chance of drawing the eye, and with multiple achievements to unlock and in-game leaderboards score posting, you wouldn’t be blamed for losing hours to the game’s unique blend of sci-fi strategy and robo fighting action.

Thankfully you don’t have to wait to around to start blasting some bad guys, with the game available to download now for both iOS and Android devices.