NeonMob: Gotta Curate ‘Em All!

NeonMob: Gotta Curate ‘Em All!



Do you want to collect cards on your iPhone? Do you also like stunning pieces of art? Sure, collecting card games is great fun, but they all follow a similar look; you know what you’re going to get with a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, because it’s all created and drawn by the same team. Similarly, with the other big hitters of the CCG world (or TCG, if you’re that way inclined), Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, all the cards start to look similar after a while. One CCG that bucks that trend is NeonMob. It’ll also save you a hell of a lot of money compared to its overpriced genre mates. The app version of this unique and wonderful idea is free, and out now for iOS.

The central idea behind NeonMob is a blending of the traditional CCG format with thousands upon thousands of unique pieces of art, sourced from online artists. The result is a digital collectable card game with a full spectrum of creativity. The art on display here is not too dissimilar to the type of stuff you’d find on sites like DeviantArt, and the quality is something to behold. Almost every type of theme is covered here; you can find everything from unicorns to cats in space; science fiction landscape to gothic horror.

Half of the fun of NeonMob is opening up a pack of cards and wondering what exactly you’re going to encounter. The other half comes from the actual collecting. The cards are organised into structures of rarity. Obviously, the rare cards are hot commodities, and feature some of the most striking art of the series. Everybody wants to get their hands on these bad boys, and like any respectable card game, if someone’s got something you want and vice versa, you can trade.

If you download the iOS app, you’ll get the opportunity to open ten new packs of cards a day. This is an addictive little formula, and combined with the app’s involving design and easy-to-navigate interface, will definitely keep players coming back for more. The best part of NeonMob is that you can play it two ways; you can curate you own online art gallery and simply appreciate the beautiful pieces of imaginative art, or you can play the game and collect the cards for their rarity alone. The choice is yours. You can always do both, of course.

Head over to the App Store and start curating and collecting for free today!


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