Keep Your Calendar Cool With JotTheDate

Keep Your Calendar Cool With JotTheDate



Have you ever been bored with your calendar? Sure, they’re a necessity. But do they have to look so bland all the time? Even if you try and dress them up with novelty pictures and themes, at their core they remain the same basic thing. I’ve got one hanging on my wall right now; it’s got a picture of two lovable huskies on it. It’s also unused. Why? Because it’s dull. If I need to remember something, I’ll use my phone. The smartphone has changed the way we do a lot of things, but even with them, the calendar format, tried and tested, remains the same. If you’re looking for a unique and creative way to keep track of your life, you need look no further than JotTheDate, a new, free calendar app that’s out now on iOS.

The idea behind the app is simple, yet very clever at the same time, like most good ideas before it. Instead of writing in appointments and meetings, you get to draw them in! Well, draw, doodle, sketch, jot, scribble; whatever way you want to do it really. The essential point is that you don’t have to type it in using the fiddly iPhone keypad. You just open up the app, pick the date you want, and use your finger to create the note. It’s not too dissimilar from how many other apps utilise ‘finger-drawing’; Snapchat for example uses a similar system of rapid fire doodling and writing.

The end result is the your calendar becomes a lot more creative and a lot more personalised. The app lets you choose your colours and brush-size, so you can do pretty much anything you want. It’s also easier to remember dates, as you’ve taken the time to create little drawings for yourself. And you can have fun with the drawings too; if it’s a loved one’s birthday or special anniversary, you could go for the traditional heart, or something a little more coded. In fact, you could create an entire coded system, a la the Zodiac killer, and make an impenetrable diary that only makes sense to you. If you want.

There’s all sorts of handy features with JotTheDate; the app syncs to all your iDevices, even the Apple Watch, and automatically links up with iCloud. There’s a variety of viewing modes, as well as the ability to ‘flip’ the pages of the calendar like you would a book. This is a fun little app that can make your scheduling a lot easier, and a lot more fun. It’s great to see app development being utilised creatively in this way, so don’t delay in checking out this bright little number.

Make a date with the App Store and start jotting down dates for free today!


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