Vote for Oozzat?!: The Only App Committed To Online Privacy

Vote for Oozzat?!: The Only App Committed To Online Privacy



Do you value your online privacy? Are you worried about your data being kept and sold on to third parties without your permission? In today’s perpetually online world, it’s an increasing concern. Because the internet appears to be so temporal, users are lulled into a false sense of security. This is particularly apparent when it comes to messenger apps. While they are undoubtedly convenient, they are also not the securest bet. Who knows exactly where all those millions of messages you write everyday are ending up? Same with all those videos and pictures you send; are you sure they’re really gone when you hit ‘delete’? Well, with Oozzat?!, the only secure messaging app out there, you can be sure.

Oozzat?! (‘Who’s that?!’ in a British cockney accent), a free messaging that service that uses end to end encryption to ensure your privacy, and it’s currently looking to win some funding via Virgin Media’s fantastic VOOM opportunity. When the app says it doesn’t keep any of your messages or data, it means it; with Oozzat?!, delete means delete. And while that’s the main USP of the app, it’s got a host of other cool features like anonymous messaging, the ability to schedule messages for some point in the future (a shame it’s not the past, eh?) and the ability to block and delete contacts who are no longer welcome.

Oozzat?! and its clever developers are currently competing for a slice of Virgin Media’s VOOM awards, where they could be awarded a share of €1.2 million in development funds. They have a pitch live on the VOOM website, which you can check out now and give them a vote. If they receive enough votes to crack the top six on the leaderboard, they’ll go through to the final and get to pitch their product in front of Richard Branson himself, who will then determine who gets the moolah.

Competition in the VOOM awards is certainly stiff, so Oozzat?! needs all the help it can get to secure its space in the top spot. Data protection is a hot button issue in today’s online world, and Oozzat?! are tackling that concern head on. By voting for Oozzat?! in the VOOM awards, you’ll be voting for a progressive app that takes privacy seriously; giving it a chance to develop further and provide and even more secure service.

Hit this link to check out their pitch and get voting now!


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