Fruit Man: Who’d Think Puzzles Could Be So Fruitful?

Fruit Man: Who’d Think Puzzles Could Be So Fruitful?


Fruit Man iPad App Review

This may not be the prettiest game on the market, it might not be the greatest either, but it is pretty challenging and will offer you some good distraction.

What you must do in this game is try to safely get an orange which falls from the tree, across a varied and increasingly trickier layout and safely into the back of a truck. To do this you are given a handful of different supplies ranging from planks of wood (which can be dropped into place and can be used as bridges or ramps), blocks (which stay put), boxes, trampolines and so on. All of these pieces can be used singly or in conjunction with another.

The tricky part really comes from getting to know the sequence in which to place the objects as they come in a set manner, which you can’t alter. Thankfully, should you mess up, you can undo one or all of the moves to help you safely get the orange all the way to the truck.
In the end this game is pretty good fun and will give any player plenty of fun. If you liked games like Lemmings then this game is probably going to tick the right boxes for you too (except you can’t explode any cute critters).


  • Lots of levels
  • Plenty of challenging equipment to master
  • Quite addictive


  • Not the prettiest game to play
  • The control/placing of objects can be clunky and lacks finesse
  • A little repetitive


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