MovieShop – Making Video Editing Magic on your Device

MovieShop – Making Video Editing Magic on your Device



For decades we have only been able to dream of the movie making hobby and video taking we have all done, but now you can edit a video like a boss. MovieShop is an app where you can take a video, edit it until your heart’s content and then publish or share your video to the entire global community. This has been something only professional film and television editors have been able to do exclusively for years, now it’s our turn.

MovieShop is, quite frankly, so feature-rich it actually feels as though you could make a full-length feature film and release it into an online cinema somewhere. We tried out the trimming, copying and merging processes within the app and found them to be remarkably easy to operate. The clunky Microsoft Media Player editor is not a patch on this one.

If you have some cool music on your iPod or iTunes library, then consider carefully which track would go down well with the footage you have developed. Merging music into the video was easy and there was also a feature where MovieShop knew the length of your video and chose songs from your library to match the exact time length of your capture. This was perfect for those home-made pop videos or footage which you would not want a song to suddenly get cut off in its prime right at the end of the video.

However, you could always fade the audio in or out as you wish. We also noticed a brilliant speed up or slow down feature on the Movie Shop app too. This was the perfect tool for making those hilarious end of school chases in fast motion and then releasing your hilarious movie on social media. We were also able to overlay text and stickers on our movie which makes this app perfect for business.

Presentations need a bold text statement or introduction every now and again, so if you were making training videos or promo movies, this has to be the thing. We loved the voice over feature; when you watch any travelogue program on television, the narration has been done in the studio at a later point. This prevents breathlessness and stuttering when narrating live.

MovieShop is very rich in features and, in all honesty, you probably wouldn’t get to use them all, but the fact they are there is something you can really work with as an amateur or semi-professional movie maker.


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