The Art of SaaS Data Loss Protection

The Art of SaaS Data Loss Protection



We’ve all been the person whose laptop or hard drive has failed seemingly moments after you’ve thought to yourself, ‘I really must back that up’. We all know, in our heart of hearts, that when it comes to hard drives, it’s not a case of ‘when’, but ‘if’. So recently, the solution to our storage woes appears to have been the Cloud, a mystical realm made of thin air, where everything is safe and the space is limitless. You can upload to services like Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive, and your files will be safe until the end of time, or, at the very least, the end of civilisation as we know it.

Only, the Cloud isn’t that safe either, as it turns out. Whether it’s an inexplicable mass deletion of your precious files, or a blunder by a wrong-headed employee, the Cloud might turn out to be not as safe as you once thought. So what can you do about it? One sure bet is to be found at, the home of the formidable Spinbackup, one of the most advanced data loss and leak protection solutions available, and the saviour of many a distraught soul. Particularly useful for individual Google users or indeed Google Apps organisations that may be dealing with many users simultaneously and a tonne of information, Spinbackup guarantees that you won’t lose anything from the unseen, all-seeing Cloud.

As great and convenient as the Cloud may appear, the fact of the matter is that we can’t have a complete guarantee of reliability. The Cloud isn’t invulnerable to hackers, as proved by the disastrous Apple hack of many celebrities intimate photos in 2014. There are concerns about data privacy that extend beyond hackers and into the multinational corporations running the show at the top. Then there are the tried and true concerns, which namely boil down into one umbrella concern.

If this is concerning news to you (let’s face it, you probably knew it subconsciously, just didn’t want to accept it), then you should really look in to sites backup. Services like Spinbackup offer a range of features including data migration, automated backup and cyber security solutions, version control and deletion control, and are designed to give you further peace-of-mind when you’re uploading your work-life to the Cloud. Don’t delay, now. Those files could literally go any second.


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