Car GPS: Go Your Own Way

Car GPS: Go Your Own Way


Car GPS iPhone App Review
You’ve seen one GPS program, you have seen them all. For the iPhone4 Verizon user, you can use your pre-installed “Maps” app to get you where you need to go.


  • Sync with Twitter
  • Name your destination
  • Make notes about your destination
  • Works in multiple countries


  • Does what so many other apps do
  • Always asking me to add my Twitter account

I am all for social media and its uses but what I don’t like is every single app out there forcing me to link my Facebook or Twitter account. I feel it is unnecessary for everyone to know every detail of where I am and what I am doing. The program crashed a few times, looks like they still have a few bugs to work out. Because this does support multiple countries it is nice and clean to use for multiple road trips. For a mom with a car full of kids and different places to drop them off, this is perfect for you as well. You can make yourself a reminder to set to tell you what time to pick up what kid, allowing you to sit down and enjoy that latte while you wait.