LazyBug: We’ve had Better

LazyBug: We’ve had Better


LazyBug iPhone App Review

In Lazybug, you take control of what is supposedly a very fat ladybug who can’t fly – but thankfully there’san assortment of catapults, spongy lilypads and upgrades to help you take flight. In short, this is insect spin on a traditional distance game.

The graphics aren’t anything to write home about but more importantly the gameplay just feels like it’s lacking something. Sure, it’s entertaining enough, but it doesn’t have that spark to make it feel fantastic.

Alongside other staple games on your iPhone, we can almost certainly guarantee that you won’t be reaching for Lazybugevery time you’re bored on the train – but if these games are your sort of thin then it might be worth a punt for only $0.99.


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