Dark Incursion: Side-Scrolling Perfection

Dark Incursion: Side-Scrolling Perfection


Dark Incursion iPhone App Review

Side-scrolling platform gameshave always been great fun; Castlevania, Shadow of the Beast, Super Mario. So when someone told us about asteampunk inspired IOS game that had been createdusing pixelated artwork, we couldn’t believe our luck.

The game takes place within an alternate reality around the late 1800’s, amidst an industrial revolution and a world war. You control Anya, a sort of super agent with bio-engineered weapons at her disposal –and ridiculously massive boobs for some inexplicable reason.

It looks great, it’s bags of fun and it even supports the iCade for that genuine retro feel. Bar the ever so slightly awkward movement controls, this is damn near as close to perfect as you could get. Dark Incursion, where have you been all our lives.


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