Munch Up: Gobbledygook

Munch Up: Gobbledygook


Munch Up iPhone App Review

Munch Up looks great, with its quirky cartoon style and its colour user interface; however the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired…

The first (and main) problem with this game is that there are very little instructions. After being shown an image on the first level directing you to the ‘throw’ button, players are left to fend for themselves to repeatedly try out all the other buttons in an attempt to figure out what each icon does, and even now I still can’t figure out the point of some of them.

The aim of the game is to throw fruit at animals that are passing through whichever terrain you are currently in. The aiming is very stodgy and it is difficult the gauge how far you are about to throw. Seeing as ‘throwing’ is pretty much the whole point of the game (I think), this is something that needs a lot more attention.


It may not be the most fluid and easy to grasp game of its kind, but there are plenty of levels to play through, so if you do get the hang of it then you’ll have plenty of content.


I find this game slow paced yet at the same time confusing and over-crowded. It could do with revised controls and more back story.

After reading the description on iTunes it turns out that Munch Up is ‘a game to raise environmental awareness.’ I think it would be beneficial to include more of this back story in the actual game.


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