KINIVO ZX100 Mini Speaker carries the party in your pocket

KINIVO ZX100 Mini Speaker carries the party in your pocket



Aah yeah, turn this up bruv!  This is a sick tune!  Come on, pump it up, this my jam…”  No, I’ve never actually uttered those words, but I have felt the frustration of poor audio quality emanating from an iPhone when a song comes on that deserves to be played louder.  Enter, KINIVO’s latest mini speaker, the ZX100.

The speaker is around the same size as a standard paperweight and much lighter, coming in a variety of colours that include grey-blue, black-red, green-white and green-grey.  Billing itself as emanating a ‘full-bodied, 360-degree sound’, the top of the speaker actually pops up to reveal a bouncy middle that really trembles when the bass kicks in.

Having a rechargeable battery is a godsend to any traveller that likes to bring beats to wherever they lay their backpack, holed up at a hotel or stuck in a lay-by, waiting for a jump start; office workers can also plug it into their laptops to give their coworkers an added bit of volume as they run through their classic playlists.


With a decent sound output and a pocket-sized design, this is a handy gadget for pretty much any music lover.  Or, to use the vernacular, “It is sick bruv, innit…

Link: KINIVO ZX100 Mini Speaker

Price: $30.95 (currently on sale at $18.95)



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