Travel Apps for Parents

Travel Apps for Parents


Are you planning a family road trip or going abroad for the upcoming festive season? Travelling with kids takes some organising so to make the travel process somewhat smoother, here are 5 great apps for parents to use whilst travelling with their kids. Don’t leave home without them!

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1. Vacation Countdown

vacation2Children simply can’t contain their excitement when it comes to travelling and new experiences. We all know too well how annoying it can be when kids repeatedly ask ‘Are we there yet’ and ‘How many days left before we leave’. Vacation Countdown is an ideal app to answer all those types of questions, so you don’t have to! You can simply set the date of your vacation and the app will do the countdown for them, leaving you the parent with valuable time to get organised. The app will also allow you to add a photo, schedule countdown alerts and share the information with friends and family via social media.

Price: £0.69
Developer: Orr Creative


  1. Family Locator

FamilyThis is an ideal app for parents travelling with a group of other families or with teenagers who may want to venture off for the afternoon. Parents always advise their kids to stay close when visiting bustling cities and busy places. This app can ease the fear factor of getting lost amongst the crowds, as parents can create a unique group for all travellers to share their location with one another and receive automatic notifications on arrival to a set place. The free in-app messaging service also allows communication amongst all group members. The premium version of the app offers unlimited location information, access to a live advisor and can even track a lost or stolen phone.

Price: Free

3. Mom Maps

MommapsKeeping your kids entertained and finding activities that will engage them whilst away can be a challenging task. If you encounter weather restrictions, need to change plans or simply want to find places that are child-friendly, mom maps can help! Parents can instantly locate the nearest parks, playgrounds, museums, restaurants and indoor play areas that will keep their young ones entertained. The app also contains trusted reviews from other parents with ratings and photographs. With a vast bank of over 28,000 child-friendly locations identified, you’ll be sure to find the right place for your children to enjoy.

Price: £1.99
Developer: New Media Parents, Inc.


  1. WC Finder

wcfinder “Mum, I need to go to the toilet” – sound all too familiar? Children often wait until they are desperate to inform their parents that they “really need to go”. This WC Finder app will locate your nearest toilet in a matter of seconds. It will even give you details on the cleanliness, cost and opening hours of the toilet; that’s if you have enough time to read that!

Price: Free
Developer: Marcus Steller



  1. Roadtrip – Bingo

BingoSometimes there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Classic car games like eye-spy and the number plate game are still enjoyed by parents and kids during long road trips. With nine different game boards to choose from, children can have endless family fun looking for road signs, scenery, animals and cars to match their board.


Price: Free
Developer: Toughturtle LLC


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