In Your Dreams: It’s Only In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams: It’s Only In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams iphone review
Beautiful, breathtaking artwork.

This app is extremely well thought out and beautiful to look at. I found myself spending quite a bit of time just looking through all the artwork. We all dream, the trick is remembering them. For those that do, this app offers users a place to record those dreams and look up their meanings. For me personally, this was a great tool since my iPhone is right by my bed. Having a dream app making recording your dreams much more convenient than trying to remember them while you scurry around trying to find paper and pen (as I never remember to keep them beside the bed). This app also eliminated the need to spend time searching through a dream dictionary since majority of the symbols are right at your fingertips. This app is like getting 2 for the price of 1!

Users are given a pretty extensive set of instructions letting you know what each section in the dream journal could be used for and there is a small section of advice. There are four major parts to this app. The instruction & ebook section, dream symbol cards, symbol index and the journal. The journal allows you to add a new entry and it holds an archive of past entries. The journal itself has a place for a title, description, significant elements, personal associations, interpretation, and the ability to add symbols.

A lot of effort went in to this app and I am quite surprised the developers only charge 99 cents! It is defiantly worth every penny.

To read an interview with In Your Dreams app developer Belinda Recio, click here.

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  1. Similar to this App I also like Morpheus Dreams which really is the most comprehensive Dream journal and interpretation App on the iTunes.

    The App allows you to easily record dreams, sync across devices, interpret as you write, and identify favorite or recurring themes and iamges. The dictionary has been composed de novo through a careful curation and recompilation of the most valuable dream interpretations published throughout history: from Artemidorus, to Freud, Jung, Hasse and selected others. Morpheus is the first and only App to offer a comprehensive and cohesive set of interpretations based on the foundational work in the field, not a simple rehash.

    Finally, you’re never locked in as you’re always able to export your whole journal in text format and move on which makes the App worth investing the time. The $1.99 price is incredibly cheap for such a useful app to anyone interested in dreams, whether you use the journal or the dictionary alone


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