Debt Busters: The Ultimate Finance Tool

Debt Busters: The Ultimate Finance Tool

Debt Busters iphone app review
And away we go!

Considering this is a brand new app, I am going to go easy on the developers. This app has great potential and with some tweaks and additions it could really help a lot of people out. I liked the simplicity and ease of adding the debts to the app. The cute balloon that rises and falls is a great feature. It is a visual of where you stand and you can see where you need to be. This app gives you the option of setting the date in which you would like to be debt free. If you have a vacation planned or another event, you could use that date as a motivational goal. There is a tips section, which I thought was rather handy, especially for someone who might be new to the “get out of debt” world. For others, this might be knowledge already known. The settings allow you to place a passcode lock on the app. This is a great feature if you are someone who has people picking up their iPhone. I also liked the monthly budget feature. In this section I was able to input monthly income, it adds your debt payments for you and then you can customize other expenses. The graph gives you a great visual to where your money is going. On this screen you can email yourself or someone else a rundown of your income and expenses. Visually it is appealing.

What I did not like was the constant crashing. Anytime a program crashes it leaves the user nothing but frustrated. I hope this is something the developers are working on. I was not able to get much out of the program aside from the initial set up and tap around. I think there should be more features for $2.99. There are plenty of free and cheaper apps that have more features, are stable, and do the same job.


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