BAC Alcohol Calculator: How tipsy are you?

BAC Alcohol Calculator: How tipsy are you?


BAC Alcohol Calculatori Phone App Review
Have you ever wondered how much alcohol is enough? Well, as we all should know, even one drink is more than enough when you are thinking about driving. Unlike most apps which are made to be entertaining, this is definitely one to suit the more educationally stimulated.

What you must do from loading up is pick your sex (male / female) and your weight in Kg or Lb (US) and then either as an experiment keep a tally of how many drinks you or your friend consumes in the course of an evening. This is simply done by dragging and dropping the glass or pint of your chosen drink into the desired hour – a maximum of 20 drinks can be added in any given hour (which is probably the most anyone would consume and have any chances of survival).

Now for the fun/science part… you can check how much alcohol there is in your bloodstream and how long it will take for the alcohol to leave your body based on the info provided. When you reach certain levels you’ll also be rewarded with whether you’ll be lightly intoxicated through to lethal doses of alcohol.

Overall, this app is pretty entertaining and does offer a lot of insight into the effects of alcohol. It is possible that the results would probably make you think twice about having another drink when out on the town. How effective this app is however is another matter entirely. In principle it’s great, but in application, it’s not practical. Say when you are out drinking, you keeping a record of the number of drinks you’ve consumed would be either deemed as rude in polite society or inaccurate as you become less coherent as the evening wears on. Mixing technology and drinking is only probably going to result in an expensive repair bill or impair your fun.


  • If you want to know how long it will take to recover from a heavy night this is the app for you
  • It’s possible to keep a tally of numerous drinks
  • Simple to use


  • It doesn’t tell you how many calories or highlight the other health risks
  • Not practical to do when drinking
  • A little limited


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