Wednesday’s News Round Up: iPhone 5 To Have 64 MB!

Wednesday’s News Round Up: iPhone 5 To Have 64 MB!


If you read yesterday’s news round up, (and why wouldn’t you have?!) you will have been informed about the prototype 64 MB iPhone 4’s that are circulating the grey markets in Hong Kong.  Well, apparently the new iPhone 5 is set to have 64 MB!  Hope the prototype worked out well for Hong Kong!

Let’s hear it for Windows, the former big potato now the little guy scrapping to keep up with giant rival Apple in the app download battle. Windows Phone Marketplace now offers 9,000 apps and games and is growing by an average of 100 apps a day, compared with Apple’s App Store’s 350,000 + apps…by the way, that sound you can hear is Steve Jobs’ quivering boot heels.

And the brainiac boffins are spoiling our fun again; researchers have concluded that people living in developed nations have become overly reliant on GPS and satellite navigation systems and that if we don’t stop, we could be in big trouble.  Well, duh.


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