Brew Up!: The All-in-One List for Your Tea and Coffee Rounds

Brew Up!: The All-in-One List for Your Tea and Coffee Rounds

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Make sure their order's good to the last drop.

Ever get sent out by your friends or office mates for a coffee run? Or are you just a giddy Good Samaritan who loves bringing people delicious hot beverages, but you’re tired of always trying to remember everyone’s orders or cramping your hand writing them all down, only to find your chicken scratchings illegible come ordering time? Fear no more! “Brew Up!” is here to help (to an extent).

Simply type in the recipient’s name; whether they want Tea, Coffee, or Decaf; how many sugars they’d like; if they want milk or not; then check “Done” and move on to the next. The app can certainly save you a bundle of time, presuming those are the only options you’ll need to remember. But what if Dave asks for his special Hazelnut brew? What if Susan needs her Tea to be decaf? The “Decaf” button doesn’t really specify coffee or tea, but the natural assumption is usually coffee. What if Marty demands a Half-caf Chai Soy Latte? What then? What if you have more than the app’s allowable 24 orders to fill (you’re exceptionally popular in this hypothetical universe)? Sure, they asked for milk, but how much?

Admittedly, it seems that “Brew Up!” was made with the best of intentions. However, the app is too limited for many modern-day coffee or tea drinkers. Perhaps with a few more options and the ability to type specific notes if need-be, added via some new updates, “Brew Up!” could really fulfill its potential. At the moment, though, it’s not much more than a glorified notepad. But, if that’s all you need, look no further.

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