Hoverwatch: Digital Tracking Made Simple

Hoverwatch: Digital Tracking Made Simple


With the proliferation of smart devices in our digital age, safety and security are common causes for concern amongst both business owners and parents alike. If the monitoring of your employees’ computing habits has been an issue, or if you’re a parent who is troubled about a child’s social or internet activity, then the free mobile tracker from Hoverwatch is an invaluable asset at your fingertips.

Hoverwatch is as comprehensive as digital monitoring gets. With one simple program that takes less than 30 seconds to install on PCs, Macs, and any Android device, you’ll be able to watch over almost complete activity on that device. From web history, screenshots, and clipboard items, to phone calls, text messages, Facebook activity, and even their current location, Hoverwatch doesn’t miss a trick.

Upon heading over to the website, you’ll be greeted by a clean homepage, informing you about the three-step process to get started, allowing you to quickly setup an account for free. After entering your email address and password, you’re automatically provided with a free trial to test Hoverwatch’s services before any kind of subscription is purchased.


Before the program is installed on the computer or phone, options for specifying the type of device you’re wanting to monitor are presented: kid’s, employee’s, or own. The installation is quick and easy, and once completed, the program hides anonymously in the background – not even showing up on installed programs lists, shadowing itself on both computers and cell phones.

Once you’ve selected the devices you wish to monitor, tracking them is straight-forward: simply login to your account on the website, head over to the user panel, and select whichever device you wish to see. If multiple devices are active, a simple list is presented which allows you to switch between devices on the fly (the number of devices available to monitor depends on your subscription).

Each user’s account settings come with a plethora of options, granting you the ability to customize which specific elements of activity you wish to see. Hoverwatch’s pricing options also offer an equal amount of flexibility for its customers. Personal, family, and business are separated into individual subscriptions, with pricing models offering savings through one, three, or twelve-month payments.


At any time, Hoverwatch allows you to change your subscription plan, add or remove a device, or close your account completely. The entire process from beginning to end is effortless, offering competitive pricing and a slew of options to give customers complete control. However, as Hoverwatch is designed to be discrete, removing it from a computer requires you to rerun the installation process.

If employee monitoring or parental control solutions have been issues in the past, you owe it to yourself to consider Hoverwatch. Safe and secure, its comprehensive nature is matched only by its flexible options and pricing structure, and the user-friendly experience is easy to use, regardless of technical ability. If your child’s digital safety is a source of constant worry, Hoverwatch will put those fears to bed.


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