Google Music Leaves Beta, Is Now A Full Fledged Android Based ITunes...

Google Music Leaves Beta, Is Now A Full Fledged Android Based ITunes Competitor


Google Music up until now has been a handy application capable for storing music in a personal cloud locker for you that can be streamed via any of your Android devices. Well the announcement today takes Google Music to the next level, adding a full fledged music store to the mix. Details after the break The new Google Music retains the free cloud functionality of the old Google Music with a few more handy tricks. For example, with the web based music store you can buy a song or album and have it instantly available across Android devices. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because the functionality is a lot like what Apple is doing with ITunes Match. The big difference is that up until now Google Music has been free, while Match costs $25 a year. Match also cuts down on lengthy upload times, but that won’t be a problem for new music purchased on either service. I think we’re finally seeing Google putting it’s full weight behind a digital hub strategy and Android in general. No matter what your favorite phone is, choice is almost always a good thing right?


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