iScreen HD: Brownie Points for the non Crack Heads!

iScreen HD: Brownie Points for the non Crack Heads!


iScreen HD iPhone App Review

Finally something out there for those of us “non-jailbroken” iPhone users who prefer to go the natural way with your devices. Not everyone jailbreaks their phone you know… and for those of us who don’t, iScreen HD presents itself as a fancy tool to keep out phones looking fancy and blending well with the backgrounds we so carefully choose to set up on our iPhones.

iScreen HD is simple: Choose and background, choose icon wrap canvases and you’re good to go. It integrates very nicely with your photos and supports multiple styles that give your phone a refined and polished look… no mater what kind of background you prefer.

Of course this app isn’t really anything knew, there are plenty of apps that can do this, but it’s easy to use and very straightforward. There aren’t millions of buttons and there aren’t hundreds of lame distractions. The thinking that went behind this app is the same thinking that goes behind great apps: it integrates well with the other apps we use every day.

I give this app a handsome 8/10 for giving my phone a new, fresh looking and beautifying my world just a little more. =)



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