Google Android Gets a Little Less “Open” As Of Todays Market Update

Google Android Gets a Little Less “Open” As Of Todays Market Update


Google’s mobile operating system Android is the top competitor to Apple’s IOS and one of the reasons is its generally open nature. Unlike the strictly regulated App Store, the Android Market will let almost anything in and remove it later if there are complaints. Well as of the latest Market APK update things are getting a little less open. Read on to find out more:

App Updates

As many IPhone owners know, the App Store is very proactive about app updates. Both on the device and in ITunes your told of each update and are eventually forced to update in most cases. Android was less strict traditionally, with the Market alerting you of updates but letting you read descriptions and choosing whether or not to install them. This resulted to many apps of more questionable content being forced to remove functionality for whatever reason, and alerting users of the change and encouraging them not to update. Android Market version V3.3.1.1 is currently being pushed to phones today, and with it updates are automatically turned on. Now this can be changed in settings, but if left un touched applications will update themselves with little warning. In 99% of cases this is a good thing, but those of us who like our open platforms open, myself included, may want to make sure that auto update box is unchecked when it hits our phone in the coming weeks.


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